Dear Friends & Families of River Bridge


I would like to make you an offer that should be hard for you to refuse.


I want to introduce you to a sport that will give you exercise, family and community comradery and years of pleasure.  Of course I am writing about PICKLEBALL, a game that almost everyone can play.  Bring your family (ages 11 - infinity) to the Tennis/Pickleball courts and learn how easy it can be to play---learn to play in one or two easy lessons.


I have Pickleball paddles and Pickleball balls to teach you this great game.  I only need you to call me to set up a playdate in the evening or during the day, whatever your busy schedule allows. 


Incidentally, do you know that River Bridge has four (4) lined and ready to use Pickleball courts. 


Call me.  Let's play Pickleball.

I am Lois Zahn 561-963-7578 or 561-346-0857