TUESDAY, MARCH 2nd - 1pm

    Runtime:  88 min.

    RATED:  R For language and some drug material.

    A young man who recently graduated from college and dreams of becoming a writer falls head over heels for an older woman who he finds out is the mistress of his father who is a powerful figure in New York. The graduate decides to start an affair with the woman even though he has a girlfriend. An author who lives in his building attempts to help him find his way and determine the best paths to take in both his career and relationships. The advice he receives isn't always the best, but it and the affair change his life completely.


    THURSDAY, MARCH 4th - 1pm

    Runtime: 112 min.

    RATED:  PG-13 For brief sensuality and partial nudity.

    An archaeologist embarks on the historically important excavation of Sutton Hoo in 1938.


    TUESDAY, MARCH 9th - 1pm

    Runtime:  110 min.

    RATED:  PG-13 For crude and sexual content, language and drug content.

    A follow-up to the original fish-out-of-water story concerning the Zamundian prince Akeem Joffer and his haphazard visit to New York City, the plot concerns Joffer's latest discovery that he has a son currently living in America. About to become King of Zamunda, Joffer must find his son and inform him about his royal lineage. Failing to do so will cause Joffer to break an important promise to his dying father. Cultures clash as Joffer once again attempts to grapple with the intricacies of American behavior and etiquette. To give his son the news about his royal birth, Joffer must learn to rise above cultural boundaries and serious language barriers to find common ground with his American hosts.


    THURSDAY, MARCH 11th - 1pm

    Runtime: 94 min.

    RATED:  R For some sexual content and partial nudity.

    A woman getting past her prime is lonely and desperate to find true love with the man of her dreams while she struggles to maintain a successful career in fashion design. A lot of bad lifestyle choices, including changing jobs and dating younger men, only makes her situation worse. Just as her life begins to careen dangerously out of control she meets an incredible guy who is about to change everything -- but not without a few more bumps along the road in the game of life